Sarajevo Museums

National Museum

The future belongs to those with the longest memory.

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in 1888, and it is the oldest modern institution of science and culture of the western type in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Over 3 million items, which testify to the rich cultural and natural heritage of this area, are kept in the National Museum of BiH.

The History museum

It was founded in 1945 as the Museum of the Revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was renamed the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993.

Items from the “Open Depot” permanent exhibition, displayed in their authentic environment, tell the story of World War II and socialism. The Museum’s youngest visitors can enjoy games and learn about history, by socializing with the personified exhibits living in the Kingdom of the Museum.

The Olympic Museum

On the day the opening of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.

The Sarajevo Museum

Brusa Bezistan

The Sarajevo Museum was established in 1949 with the mission to collect, study, publish and present the social, economic and cultural history of the city.

Sarajevo 1878-1918

This section was named after the permanent exhibition Sarajevo 1878-1918. depicting the history of the Austro-Hungarian rule in this region, from the arrival of the military troops.

 The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated in the former Old Jewish Temple, the oldest synagogue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in 1581.

The Svrzo House

The Svrzo House represents the lifestyle of an urban Muslim family of the late 18 th and throughout the 19th century.

The Despic House

The Despic House, the oldest part of which dates from the 17th century.

Tunnel of Hope

Memorila Complex

In 1993.during the siege of Sarajevo a tunnel connecting two free territories held by the Army of BiH was constructed under the Sarajevo. Airport. From July 1993. until the end of the siege in late February 1996…..

The City Hall Museum

The City Hall Museum is locate in the basement of  the Sarajevo City Hall.

The Gazi Husrev-Bey Museum

The Museum is dedicated to Gazi Husrev-bey 1418-1542.

Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Permanent exhibits of the Museum include Silvije Strahimir Kranjcevic’s study and the Bosnian room – Petar Kocic, Hasan Kikic and Isak Samokovlija…………….


Sarajevo Film Festival

The Sarajevo Film Festival was founded in 1995,during the siege of Sarajevo and it become the symbol of resistance and protection of cultural values.

Sarajevo Bashcharsia nights..

The Summer festival of culture offers its visitors rich program that includes bullet, opera and theatre  performances…..

Jazz Fest

It is an international festival which takes place annually .

Sarajevo Winter

Sarajevo Holiday Market offers visitors of all generations a wealth of cultural, sports,and entertainment events.

Sarajevo Mess..

The International Theater  Festival MESS is the most prominent theater in Southeast Europe.

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