About us

Association Haggadah was established to preserve and promote Jewish culture and tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We organize tours of Jewish Sarajevo and Multireligious Sarajevo, “City-tour”, War tour – where you can discover the different religions and Sarajevo’s history.

We also educate tourist guides to be able to lead the Jewish Sarajevo tour and give accurate information about the long Jewish history in B&H.

HAGGADAH tries to preserve Sarajevo’s reputation as The European Jerusalem (Little Jerusalem) because we have 4 religions living side by side for centuries.

Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox and Jews all live together. The religious objects of all four religions are in the center of Sarajevo in a radius of 200 meters. In Sarajevo is also the meeting point of East and West cultures.

About Founder

Dr. Eli Tauber is the Founder and president of the NGO Haggadah Sarajevo, assossiation for preserving and promoting Jewish culture and tradition.

Adviser for culture and religion  Association of Jewish communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina..


Expert in Jewish tours trough Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Historian dr. Eli Tauber Sarajevo

Author of the books:

  1. Illustrated Lexicon of Judaism
  2. When neighbors were real human beings (stories of Righteous Gentiles from Bosnia and Herzegovina) -Bosnian and English version
  3. Jewish periodicals in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Jewish surnames in Bosnia’s archive documents
  5. Holocaust in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Almanach judeoespanol works
  7. Booklet: The days of open gates
  8. Judeo-espanol in Bosnia and Herzegovina…

    Author dr. Eli Tauber

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