The Bosnian Sephardic  Cuisine, is a latest attempt to preserve traditional Bosnian Sephardic Cuisine, to transfer it to the new generations , and to present to the world all its values, peculiarity, and originality.

For more than  ten years, Miryam has worked at revising and extending the original to include a more thorough exploration of the age-old subject and thetechniques and traditions around it.







„JEWISH SARAJEVO“ Educational 2 days

course for tour guides and everyone who is interested – 5,9 April. 2018. The course will be held at the Jewish Community center, Hamdije Kresevljakovica st. no.59, Sarajevo starting from 10:00.

Bosnian Sephardic Cuisine


„JEWISH MOSTAR“ Educational 1 day course for tour guides and everyone who is interested – 28 March. 2018.

Following the example of other European cities such as Prague, Krakow, Vienna and Budapest that offer Jewish Prague, Jewish Vienna …  Association Haggadah and its partners organize the tourist offer of “Jewish Sarajevo”.

Haggadah, as a non-governmental organization that aims to preserve Jewish culture and traditions and promotion of tourism potential in order to provide quality and comprehensive information to visitors of Sarajevo, decided to educate 20 tour guides.

“The number of tourists that are coming to Sarajevo is greater every year and we need higher number of tour guides who can lead the “Jewish tour”. This is important for the city of Sarajevo since the story of Sarajevo is unimaginable without stories about Sarajevo Jews, the synagogue, the unique cemetery in Europe. Also, Sarajevo is unimaginable without one of the most valuable manuscripts that it preserves, without the Sarajevo Haggadah. The story of Sarajevo Haggadah is not just a story of a manuscript and its artistic and historical value. This is the story of the people, the citizens of Sarajevo, who have fought a century that this valuable manuscripts remain in Sarajevo, to preserve and protect it.

There is also the old Jewish cemetery, a national cultural monument, which has just been nominated to be under the protection of UNESCO.

Sephardic Jews live in Sarajevo for nearly 500 years, and they brought from Spain and Portugal their language, songs, cuisine and everything else that survived to this day. Part of it has become an inseparable part of the culture of Sarajevo, for example the song “When I went to Bentbasa” which is the original Sephardic synagogue song (Eldjo Alto).

Association Haggadah was established to preserve and promote Jewish culture and tradition, because of all these reasons, as well as the immeasurable contribution of Jewish cultural, urban and economic development of the city of Sarajevo, we started the initiative of training  tour guides in Sarajevo.

Federal Ministry of the Enviroment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Konrad Adenauer Stiftug Sarajevo, Fortuna tours Mostar and Insider Sarajevo also participate in this project, considering that educating tour guides in Sarajevo and Mostar contributes, above all, to the economic stabilization of both cities, but the most important value is that  this way the tourist offer of Sarajevo and Mostar increases. This makes Sarajevo and Mostar the first in the Balkans on the map of large cities that have organized the offer of  “The Jewish tour”. A part of this education will also be to present the Bosnian Sephardic cuisine, which is of great value to our culture and tradition.