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• 8:30 AM
• Every day
• Includes Transportation, entrance free to the Stolac-Cemetery, guide
• 48 hrs advance booking required
• Jewish tourist information center
st. Branilaca Sarajeva 24


• Full day excursion


• English
• Hebrew
• Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian

About the tour

Pilgrimage Tour

Stolac has a small cemetery where the revered Rabbi Moshe Danon is buried.
Danon's tomb bears the following inscription in Hebrew and Ladino: This stone is placed here so that it can be a sign and monument of the burial of the saintly person whose works were wondrous and of whom it was said that he was pious and saintly. He was our master teacher and great Haham Rav Moshe Danon. His good works aid us. Amen. He left this world on the 20th day of Sivan 5590.


Throughout the idyllic green oasis of the Neretva River canyon, which many find is one of the most beautiful in Europe, you will emerge into sunny Herzegovina and feel the Mediterranean breath the way Bosnians do. This full day excursion will take you first to Mostar, world famous for its Old New Bridge. Enjoy its special architecture and unique charm. Beside Mostar, you'll see Blagaj, Radimlja Stećci /Medieval Megalithic ombstones/ and Stolac.

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Get to know the person behind the tour “DR. Eli Tauber”

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• SERBIAN – fluent
• CROATIAN – fluent
• Hebrew – fluent
• ENGLISH – fluent